Fixing the problem of startups and their inherent power law

An open letter to Paul Graham, Sam Altman, David Cohen & Dave McClure The saying “go big or go home” (or “go big or GTFO”) could very well have been invented in San Francisco — the city with the highest concentration of startups anywhere in the world. In this business you either become a billionaire or like […]

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Back in March 2014 I released an AngelList hack that helped create a simple sales funnel of investors from any given city. While the hack got a good amount of traffic and did a good job of organising your leads it was still just a hack. The hack didn’t really help you prioritise what investors to […]

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Should I raise money for my startup?

I have raised more than $8M for 3 different startups and I still find it hard figuring out when and if to raise money. Are you building the right thing? Are you and your startup at the right stage? Is your team competent enough? Try this flowchart and find the answer. If you are indeed […]

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Finding investors – by hacking AngelList

How do you find investors? It’s probably the question that founders ask me the most and with a good reason too – investors can be really hard to find. The question that quickly follows is naturally how to successfully contact them once they have been pointed out. I usually say that dealing with investors is […]

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7 tips for first time entrepreneurs

#1 – Join a startup first, then start your own. If you have never done a startup go join one first – then learn as much as you can! Cut your teeth in the startup world by working with great entrepreneurs that you can learn from. Once you work your tail off and learn all you […]

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My fundraising career

I have raised capital 8 times for three different startups in three very different environments. The three companies all had very different business models and all were at different stages in the startup lifecycle. In addition the types of investors for each could not have been more different. During each fundraise I naturally brought to each […]

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The aim of the blog

Entrepreneurs face myriad challenges, from formulating a winning business model to getting the right talent on board. However, while building startups I came to realize that of all the challenges faced by technopreneurs fundraising can be the most daunting. Why? Because fundraising has a life of it’s own. Identifying and soliciting investors or other sources […]

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