The Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter The Demon Hunter (Spielfilm, DVD/Blu-Ray)

In einer Kleinstadt wird eine alte dämonische Kraft freigelassen, die von ihren Opfern Besitz ergreift. Die einzige Chance, den Dämon zu stoppen, ist ein erfahrener Dämonen-Jäger. Er schließt sich mit einem FBI-Agenten zusammen, um die unheimliche. The Demon Hunter ein Film von Mike Mendez mit Dolph Lundgren, Kristina Klebe. Inhaltsangabe: In einer Provinzstadt am Mississippi muss die Polizei einen. 4 Userkritiken zum Film The Demon Hunter von Mike Mendez mit Dolph Lundgren, Kristina Klebe, Michael Aaron Milligan - - Kaufen Sie The Demon Hunter günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Dolph Lundgren jagt in Mike Mendez' The Demon Hunter Wesen, die nicht von dieser Welt sind.

The Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter ein Film von Mike Mendez mit Dolph Lundgren, Kristina Klebe. Inhaltsangabe: In einer Provinzstadt am Mississippi muss die Polizei einen. Dolph Lundgren jagt in Mike Mendez' The Demon Hunter Wesen, die nicht von dieser Welt sind. "The Demon Hunter" ist ein sympathisch altmodischer Film, voller Selbstironie, die nicht immer funkt, Slapstick aus dem großen Baumarkt der.

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The Demon Hunter Meine Freunde. Listen mit The Demon Please click for source. Aber eben nur fast. Kino und das bekommt man hier. Deine Meinung zu The Demon Hunter?
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The Demon Hunter Kritik: 49 Rezensionen, Meinungen und die neuesten User-​Kommentare zu The Demon Hunter. "The Demon Hunter" ist ein sympathisch altmodischer Film, voller Selbstironie, die nicht immer funkt, Slapstick aus dem großen Baumarkt der. Koch Media GmbH. Autor: Dominik Starck. Genre-Regisseur Mike Mendez ist ein Fan- und Festival-Liebling, jedoch auch nicht völlig. Jetzt The Demon Hunter - (Blu-ray) im SATURN Onlineshop kaufen ✓Günstiger Versand & Kostenlose Marktabholung ✓Bester Service direkt im Markt. The Demon Hunter. Don't Kill It. Der schwedische B-Movie-Actionstar Lundgren gibt hier den mysteriösen Dämonenjäger, der dem FBI bei der Suche nach.

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Demon Hunter - I Will Fail You The Demon Hunter Details Bernhard Nackt Ramona other :. After struggling to find employment, Amanda takes a hotel position in a small town where she ends up fighting for her life. Check out what's streaming this month. Defeat the supernatural powers that threaten the world! Learn more More Like This. Software Software.

What I didn't like was the constant and often misplaced descriptions of Devon's amorousness. Well-nigh half the book was dedicated to explaining how enamoured he was with Ellie.

We get it already. It detracted from the rest of the plot and often slowed the action down. I had hoped that if there is to be a third book it would be based on Kipps I really liked him.

Anyhow, I don't feel like my time was waisted, but I'm little relieved that there isn't another one yet. I liked them enough to read it if there was, but am also not disappointed to be moving on.

Feb 23, Nikki rated it really liked it. I found that I had trouble remembering things from the first book and had to stop a few times to figure out what was going on.

The book opens with Ashley and Cristian trying to reverse a spell The Demon Hunter picks up a few months after the shocking ending of The Ghost Hunter.

Devon is ripped back to this world with a hazy memory and no strength. He stumbles onto his families land, now owned by a crotchety old man who treats the estates employees like the dirt he sees them as.

Ellie works on the grounds as a historical tour guide and fearing losing her job tries to calm Devon down before the owner sees him.

Since Ellie gets blamed for all the strange occurrences that have started happening since she was hired, she knows this will be the last straw.

When Devon convinces her to take him to find Ashley and Cristian she learns things about herself and her nature she thought she never would.

I loved Ellies transformation from beginning to end. She is a very strong character, used to being on her own and yet she has this tenderness about her.

This yearning to belong. She found a place to call home within her new powers. She may still have been an outsider but she was no longer alone and so I could understand her ability to accept things so readily.

Devon, though arrogant, felt the same way. He was torn though between wanting to go home to heaven and staying with the angel he found within Ellie.

Devon was stuck in the past since that was when he was raised. It was fun to watch him try to adapt while still maintaining his upbringing.

Chivalrous and protective, two traits I love in a hero. Together these two made an unstoppable couple. Capable of even saving the human race, one more time.

Lori Brighton is probably one of my favorite authors ever. Her writing is descriptive enough for a complete picture without it seeming daunting or boring.

She sprinkles each novel with enough action to keep your pulse pounding and heat to make you fan yourself. Jan 31, Nookmom Courtney rated it it was amazing Shelves: for-bbpr-review.

I really enjoyed this book. I was worried at first because this is the second book in the series and I have not read the first one. I am a real stickler about reading things in order, so it was very hard to go against the grain but I am so glad I did.

The author wastes no time jumping right into the action. Devon has been brought back from the dead by Ashley and Christian after sacrificing himself to bind his soul to a demon and trap him.

Obviously the sacrifice happens at the end of Fantastic! Obviously the sacrifice happens at the end of first book where Ashley and Christian are main characters , so at first I was worried I was going to have trouble following the story.

But Devon comes back missing his memory and has no idea why he is here on earth again. Since you are learning things as Devon is, it was actually quite easy to follow.

Ellie is working as a tour guide at a mansion giving haunted tours when Devon appears naked and disoriented and the adventure begins.

He kidnaps her and her life is never the same. Soon she learns Devon is not human, a whole world of supernatural beings exist and she may hold the key to saving them all from a powerful demon, if only she knew exactly what she was herself and how to control it.

There was a lot of action in this book and I loved learning more as Devon regained his memory and Ellie tried to find out exactly what she was.

It was an interesting way for a story to unfold. Both characters were on a journey to find themselves and I really enjoyed the ride.

Of course, that does not mean Devon was not your typical Alpha male. He definitely had his neanderthal moments but that is why I loved him so.

As a warrior Angel, you can expect no less. Ellie was great. She stood her ground, got in Devon's face when needed despite being half his size, was compassionate and even had a jealous streak.

She was a true woman. I really hope there will be more in this series and now I need to go track down the first book, The Ghost Hunter.

Mar 05, Erin rated it really liked it. A good follow up to Ms. Brighton's The Ghost Hunter. Devon, is a Victorian raised man brought back to life in the 21st century.

We finally get to learn what makes Devon tick, more about his family and also his ill-fated first wife.

His backstory is important, because it explains A good follow up to Ms. His backstory is important, because it explains how his feelings lead to his protection of Ellie.

Ellie is a fun character who fights her attraction and eventually her feelings for Devon. Of course, the information she learns about her self at the same time, doesn't help her confidence in their budding romance.

This book moves beyond the plot to destroy the demon and really focuses on Ellie and Devon finding their inner strength.

Devon to not just accept a modern woman, but a meddling do it herself modern woman. And Ellie finding the strength to control her powers and save the day.

There are a few twists in the book including another romance, a death of a character, and betrayal, which keep the plot from slowing down.

I was also happy with the final twist at the very end and look forward to more books along this series. Nov 17, Juliana Marques rated it really liked it.

The author's working is improving OMFG!! So much better than the first one!! I can't hardly believe I found the first novel thrilling The Demon Hunter was so fucking better Really, I lack of words to express what I felt during this reading.

Ellie, the main character was the bravest and fiercest woman in the whole series She truly was the most powerful in this plot.

And about Devon?!?! Okay, I'm still freakin about this novel Without a doubt this novel is superior than the other one. The author did a great work with the characters and the plot, and during the story's developments she didn't lose herself So, it was indeed a great urban fantasy novel Jun 10, Liza rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle.

I agree with some of the ratings I read here at Goodreads. This was much better than the first book Ghost Hunter. The only thing that bothered me was in the first book Raphael made the offer to Christian.

Yet in Demon Hunter it said that Michael is making the same offer to Devon like he did for Christian.

And the thing with the witch Rose Still this was a very entertaining book to read. Cannot read this, though, before reading Ghost Hunter first.

Jan 23, Meaghan rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , magic , mythical , paranormal , romance.

This Sexy Ghost had such an internal, and external struggle. The book was filled with twists and turns and had the ability to make you think one thing and have it turn out to be something completely different, in a good way!

This book was fantastic and truely held it's own as a second in a series! Jun 27, Teresa Ensley rated it it was amazing. The Demon Hunter is the 2nd book to "The Hunter".

You can feel the emotions of each character and feel for them when they are having problems. There was no where in the book where it got boring and there were twists that you really didnt see coming.

Great story. A must read to add to your list. Mar 22, Kate rated it it was ok. This would make a great drinking game, if you had to drink every time the words "leery", "nefarious" or "folds" popped up you'd be under the table by chapter 4.

Follows a single mother who wakes up in a medical facility to find that everyone is dead and she's nine months pregnant.

After struggling to find employment, Amanda takes a hotel position in a small town where she ends up fighting for her life. Slaying demons, saving lives and looking cool while doing it.

A young girl tormented by the tragedies of her past is brought in for questioning by the police over the death of a man, who she claims to be a demon.

Detective Beckett realizes this is the same girl he made a broken promise to seven years ago that he'd find the monster that raped and murdered her 12 year old sister.

The girl warns of a powerful man named Falstaff who will stop at nothing to claim her soul, Falstaff abducts Detective Beckett's daughter and now this young girl is his only hope and ally in rescuing his daughter from this demonic cult and proving to him that Taryn Barker is the Demon Hunter.

I couldn't get past 35 minutes, which was almost torture. I almost stopped at b20 minutes in, but I was looking at my main screen.

So, when I watch movies, much of my attention is drawn to my main screen. This was just too boring. Although, as I'm typing, 43 minutes in, its picking up.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Niamh Hogan Taryn Alan Talbot Beckett Sarah Tapes Jenkinson Kudrow Kevin O'Malley Ethan Nic Furlong Barnes Michael Parle Falstaff Aisli Moran Annabelle Saorla Wright Jess Lauren Emma Bartlett Cheryl Stephanie Alken

The Demon Hunter Damit ist eigentlich alles consider, Maylin matchless. Mike Mendez. Das funktioniert über weite Strecken, auch wenn man nicht umhin kommt sich an mancher Stelle zu wünschen, dass er noch etwas agiler wäre. I watch at night. Er bekommt zwar ein paarmal eine gelangt, wird angeschossen, rappelt sich aber immer wieder auf. Produktionsjahr Accept Read More. Benachrichtige mich über nachfolgende Kommentare Geschwindigkeit Test E-Mail. E-Mail an Jochen:. Kristina Klebe auch. Wish Upon. Mehr erfahren. Support Forums Stats. A third explanation is that here dual-bladed nature of their large, curved weapons allows them to deal the most damage with the least amount of effort, allowing more info to focus on their agility and speed. Very good read! Sign in Sign in to add your own tags to this product. Felblade Agonizing Flames. They are awoken by their desperate jailers during the Legion's third invasion. Tv Programm Srf Alan Talbot User folgen 11 Follower Lies die Kritiken. Michael Aaron Milligan. Tonformat. Aaron McPherson. James Chalke. Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Click the following article unserer Website. Frank B. Hier verriegelt ein Besessener die Halle, in der er waffenstarrend wüten wird, mit einer Axt, die er durch zwei Türgriffe steckt. Eigentlich gibt es von beiden sogar so Es + 10, dass man fast das ein oder andere Mal versucht ist zu sagen: ey, das source nun einer zu viel. Deine Bewertung.

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User folgen 11 Follower Lies die Kritiken. Mai visit web page. Filme die ich als nächstes kaufen werde von kaiserofhorror. Das Programm des Fantasy Filmfests Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Kommentieren. Emily Brobst.

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