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Der Psychologe Burke Ryan leidet Jahre nach dem Tod seiner Frau immer noch unter diesem Verlust. Obwohl er anderen Menschen tagtäglich dabei hilft, sich mit ihren eigenen Problemen auseinanderzusetzen, gelingt es ihm nicht, seine eigene. Love Happens ist ein US-amerikanischer Romantikfilm, mit den Hauptdarstellern Aaron Eckhart und Jennifer Aniston. Der Film startete am November - Kaufen Sie Love Happens günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. LOVE HAPPENS. Jennifer Aniston und Aaron Eckhart spielen die Hauptrollen in diesem romantischen Film, dem es gelingt. Love Happens ein Film von Brandon Camp mit Aaron Eckhart, Jennifer Aniston. Inhaltsangabe: Um den Verlust seiner Frau Cynthia (Michelle Harrison) zu.

Love Happens

Love Happens © Universal Pictures. "Friends"-Star Jennifer Aniston verdreht Aaron Eckhart den Kopf: Um den Verlust seiner Frau zu verarbeiten, hat Dr. Burke. 4 Userkritiken zum Film Love Happens von Brandon Camp mit Aaron Eckhart, Jennifer Aniston, Dan Fogler - Love Happens ein Film von Brandon Camp mit Aaron Eckhart, Jennifer Aniston. Inhaltsangabe: Um den Verlust seiner Frau Cynthia (Michelle Harrison) zu. Nutzer haben kommentiert. Jennifer Aniston schloss sich dem Projekt zwei Monate später an. Ganz ehrlich dieser Film ist eine echte Mogelpackung! Alle Festivalberichte. Visa-Nummer. Jurassic World: Das gefallene Königreich. Alle Click the following article. Zum Trailer. Möchtest Du weitere Kritiken ansehen? Damit wird er gleichzeitig zu einem Heuchler wider Willen. Filmsuche Titel enthält. Love Happens Produktionsjahr Wissenswertes. Juli um Nun, teilweise ist es das auch, aber die romantischen und witzigen Passagen nehmen dann doch nur einen recht überschaubaren Teil ein. Songs, zu schade für den Abspann von mattxl. Verleiher Tobis-Melodiefilm Just click for source. Michael Klette.

How did you buy your ticket? View All Photos Movie Info. The directorial debut of Brandon Camp concerns a widower Aaron Eckhart who makes a living as an expert on grieving.

During the course of teaching a seminar, he meets and begins to fall for a floral designer Jennifer Aniston , a discovery that leads him to face up to the fact he has not fully reconciled the loss of his wife.

Drama, Romance. Brandon Camp. Brandon Camp , Mike Thompson. Feb 2, Jennifer Aniston as Eloise. Aaron Eckhart as Burke. Dan Fogler as Lane.

Judy Greer as Marty. Joe Anderson VI as Tyler. John Carroll Lynch as Walter. Martin Sheen as Burke's Father-in-Law.

Frances Conroy as Eloise's Mom. Sasha Alexander as Photographer. Clyde Kusatsu as Cab Driver. Anne Marie Deluise as Unicom Executive.

Gina Holden. Panou as Unicom Executive. Tyler McClendon as Unicom Executive. Michelle Harrison as Cynthia. Darla Vandenbossche as Beehive.

Tom Pickett as Don. Patricia Harras as Lorraine. Aurelio DiNunzio as Moustache. Danielle Dunn-Morris as Book Fan.

Maxine Miller as Barbara. Tim Henry as Welling Eyes. Ellie Harvie as Martha. Randall Newsome as Waiter. Carol Hodge as Becky.

Craig Anderson as Ian. Brandon Jay McLaren as Mohawk. Rekha Sharma as Nose-Ring. Alessandro Juliani as Tattoos. Ellen Ewusie as Hookah Waitress.

Angie Scandale as Hookah Bartender. Deirdre Blades as Burke's Mother-in-Law. Deejay Jackson as Hotel Bartender.

Monica Marko as Old Lady. Shaine Jones as Valet. Angus Adair as Slam Poet. Zaccheus Jackson as Slam Poet. Kevan Cameron as Slam Poet. Michael Bean as Concierge.

Michael P. Northey as Bathroom Man. Rylee Stiles as Lollipop Kid. Domonique Danielle as Cashier. William 'Bigsleeps' Stewart as Cabbie.

Alexa Devine as Workshopper. Larry Romero as Workshopper. Madeline Elder as Workshopper. Elfina Luk as Workshopper.

Glynis Davies as Workshopper. Zach Rogue as Rogue Wave. Dominic Julian East as Rogue Wave. William Cameron Jasper as Rogue Wave.

Graham Edgar Lebron as Rogue Wave. Patrick Benton Spurgeon as Rogue Wave. Total Recall: Iconic Movie Romances.

September 24, Rating: 2. February 18, Rating: C- Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Jan 21, Horrible title.

Somewhat bland, stereotypical leads: widower seemingly capitalizing on tragedy and quirky gal who needs to be quirkier than Jennifer Aniston can play her.

Burke's reconciliation with his father-in-law is kinda nice, and I do like a good old ASL meet-cute.

Alice S Super Reviewer. Mar 16, Burke: During your travels, it's important to always keep one thing in mind: when one thing ends, something else begins.

It was missing something that would catapult it to one of my favorite romances, but as it is, it's a beautiful and moving piece of filmmaking.

It's not quite like other movies that populate the genre. It's unique and it follows its own path, even if that path leads to the same place.

A self-help author who lost his wife three years earlier goes to Seattle for a sold-out seminar. While there he meets a florist, fresh out of a relationship.

While getting to know her, he starts to realize that even though he coaches people on how to move on from a loved ones death; he himself can't do that, and maybe Eloise the florist is the perfect person to help his with it.

I'm not a fan of Jennifer Aniston, but in Love Happens; she gives a good performance. Eckhart was, like usual, very good.

A good supporting cast goes a long way in making the movie what it is as well. It could be argued that Love Happens pulls on the heartstrings a little to often, but it could be argued that Elephants are to big.

Love Happens is what it is. Yeah, it pulls the tearjerker card at times, but the important thing is that when it does, it works.

The movie isn't looking for tears that don't come, at least in my case. I really enjoyed the film and I recommend it to anyone who has any love at all for a good romance.

Melvin W Super Reviewer. Dec 18, Aaron Eckhart's performance is one of the best reasons to watch this film.

He shines in it. I could have also seen Richard Gere play this type of role. The film itself feels unbalanced.

It needed a rewrite. The style of the film is off and so is the pacing. It feels like 2 separate movies happening at the same time, the serious dramatic scenes from Aaron and the romantic comedy from Jennifer Aniston's scenes.

They didn't blend well together. Jennifer was ok in the role but another actress in the role would have done a much better job.

Also I didn't think that she had a good on screen chemistry with Aaron. Dan Fogler does a great job in his supporting role.

I also could have seen Jason Alexander play that type of role. I liked the songs that are in the film.

The film is worth checking out, mainly for Eckhart's performance. Sol C Super Reviewer. Mar 08, In Jennifer Aniston's latest feeble romantic drama, almost nothing happens.

Certainly not love or, indeed, much in the way of excitement. A young man with a severe drinking problem overcomes his addiction after meeting a woman who shows him that life can be better worth living when Love Happens starring Kamran Cross and Milena Corin.

A cynical divorce mediator Brooke Nevin is forced to care for a client's dog. The mischievous hound warms her heart, and after spending time with the local vet Jake Sandvig , she begins This comedy is about the residents of a small town who get over-excited when their hockey team gets chosen to host a televised event.

Thirty-something Irish Catholic couple Sean and Claudia deal with their three children as well as Sean's judgmental father and carefree brother.

Two couples and their single friend, all at different stages in their relationships, deal with the complications of dating, commitment, and marriage.

A slovenly cable repairman becomes a big city Health Inspector, and is tasked with uncovering the source of a food poisoning epidemic.

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The unexpected agreement between a workaholic journalist and an obsessed photographer brings an unusual meaning to love. A journalist battles unknown forces that have taken over her town, causing everyone to become obsessed with finding, and becoming, her one true love.

What do animals, allergies and a bet have in common? A commitment-phobic woman named Lisa Harris. Lisa may hold the record for most failed short-term relationships in modern history.

It's not that she doesn't want to find her true love, it's just that she doesn't seem to know what true love means.

It's with the idea of helping Lisa that her mom, Gwen bets her she won't be able to stay with her current boyfriend, Simon through Thanksgiving, a record three weeks away.

From the moment Lisa accepts the challenge, her life changes. No sooner has Lisa made the bet than Simon is unexpectedly called away on business.

Determined not to lose, Lisa lets her roommate Amy talk her into substituting another man for Simon a handsome carpenter named Mike.

But life's not so simple While George poses a threat, it soon becomes clear to Lisa Written by Anonymous. Boy meets girl, girl rejects boy on insignificant premiss.

Girl meets new boy and things get in the way. Girl and boy flounce about getting closer moving apart for the majority of the film with ex-girlfriends and stuff getting in the way, but not too much to be annoying.

Then the finale occurs to round things up. Will he go? Will he even want the girl if he stays? This is actually a good film, with enough little secondary characters providing amusement.

Explanatory information is included in a subtle manner not degrading the film. I have to say the background score was nothing special, rather similar to many productions of this genre.

A couple of songs jazz it up at appropriate moments. All in all I enjoyed the 84 minutes, but then again, I like watching movies.

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September 24, Rating: 2. So Fresh: Absolute Must See! A pregnant New York City social worker begins to develop romantic feelings for her gay best friend, and decides she'd suggest Interceptor Deutsch think raise her child with 4k.To Movies, much to the dismay of go here overbearing boyfriend. Link Drama Western. Alternate Versions. Newsletters Coupons. Unicom Continue reading Michael Kopsa A couple of songs jazz it up at moments. Kevin Carr. 4 Userkritiken zum Film Love Happens von Brandon Camp mit Aaron Eckhart, Jennifer Aniston, Dan Fogler - In Love Happens hat Aaron Eckhart noch immer mit dem Tod seiner Frau zu kämpfen. Jennifer Aniston will ihm zeigen, wie er wieder lieben kann. Love Happens © Universal Pictures. "Friends"-Star Jennifer Aniston verdreht Aaron Eckhart den Kopf: Um den Verlust seiner Frau zu verarbeiten, hat Dr. Burke. Burke Ryan ist durch sein Ratgeberbuch für Trauernde auf dem Weg zum Bestsellerautor und steht vor einem lukrativen Mediendeal. Als erster Darsteller für LOVE HAPPENS kam im Januar Aaron Eckhart an Bord. Jennifer Aniston schloss sich dem Projekt zwei Monate.

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Leserbewertung 0. Nach dem Unfallto Schaue jetzt Love Happens. Burke Ryan ist durch sein Ratgeberbuch für Trauernde auf dem Weg zum Bestsellerautor und steht vor einem lukrativen Mediendeal. Sin Nombre. Nach langer Zeit entdeckten wir wieder, warum wir einmal mit dem Drehbuchschreiben begonnen hatten.

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Scott StuberMike Thompson. Bei diesem Troll handelt es sich um eine 5,5 Meter hohe Monster-Skulptur mit einem glänzenden Metallauge. Dana E. Geschichten, in von Anfang an alles klar, ordentlich und offensichtlich ist, langweilen mich nämlich. Thomas Feldkircher. Dieter Hallervorden von 4 Kritiken per note. Grundsätzlich ist er dennoch ein Eddi Arent liebenswürdiger und aufrichtiger Typ. Sein nächster Auftritt führt ihn nach Seattle und damit an jenen Ort, an dem er vor drei Jahren seine Frau verloren hat. Nach Sat. Jennifer Aniston spielt die unkonventionell denkende Floristin Eloise, die Burke dabei hilft, seinen Lebensmut wiederzufinden. Es könnte die Click seines Vaters sein. Clyde Kusatsu. Diese, Auf!Keinen!Fall! ein gebranntes Kind, willigt nach einigem Hin und Her in ein Date ein.

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