The aim of the blog

Entrepreneurs face myriad challenges, from formulating a winning business model to getting the right talent on board. However, while building startups I came to realize that of all the challenges faced by technopreneurs fundraising can be the most daunting. Why? Because fundraising has a life of it’s own. Identifying and soliciting investors or other sources of capital is no easy task. Its totaly unrelated to most startup activities and for most creative entrepreneurs, not their forteit!

“I know what it’s like to work 16 hours a day for weeks on end, sleep at the office and eat Ramen noodles in order to make a dream reality.” 

That’s why I created this blog: to help other entrepreneurs achieve their fundraising goals, hopefully with less stress and greater outcomes. I want to teach others what I have learned over the last few years raising over 5 MM USD. Countless books have been written on how to raise money for a startup. However most of the literature was written by out of touch Silicon Valley VC’s who don’t know what its like to be an entrepreneur today, or they did their last fundraising in the early 90’s. Also, most blogs focus solely on the USA startup scene, and not Europe. These authors often forget that not everyone raises money in Silicon Valley after dropping out of CS at Stanford.

I hope my experiences with fundraising will enable you to avoid some of the mistakes I and many other first time entrepreneurs do when dealing with investors. This is my first blogpost, but there are definitely many more to come!

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