Monthly Archives: January 2014

7 tips for first time entrepreneurs

#1 – Join a startup first, then start your own. If you have never done a startup go join one first – then learn as much as you can! Cut your teeth in the startup world by working with great entrepreneurs that you can learn from. Once you work your tail off and learn all you […]

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My fundraising career

I have raised capital 8 times for three different startups in three very different environments. The three companies all had very different business models and all were at different stages in the startup lifecycle. In addition the types of investors for each could not have been more different. During each fundraise I naturally brought to each […]

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The aim of the blog

Entrepreneurs face myriad challenges, from formulating a winning business model to getting the right talent on board. However, while building startups I came to realize that of all the challenges faced by technopreneurs fundraising can be the most daunting. Why? Because fundraising has a life of it’s own. Identifying and soliciting investors or other sources […]

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